Foliage Season Winds Down In New Hampshire

fall foliage

Fall Foliage Near a Summer Home

At first it seemed like the leaves were never going to change. What happened to foliage season? I was at the bank a week ago and a friend made a comment to the teller about how stinky the colors were this year. I realized that it was already the middle of October, and she was right, where was all the glorious color? It should be just about going by at this point.

Then my sister told me that she had heard that the change was about two weeks behind schedule. Probably all the heat we had confused the trees. October has been quite warm and is still pretty nice.
Suddenly it seemed like the leaves changed all at once – at least in my area. It was looking good, but not extremely impressive if you ask me. Of course I am living in a new area now and not near Gregg Lake where I love to walk and get photos this time of year.
I wanted to get some pictures near my new home, but have honestly not done much walking. I walk on paved roads now, not dirt, and there is no lake nearby and I miss the lake. It’s just not quite as scenic, but still pretty in it’s own way. So my intro picture is an old one. It was taken in 2008 I believe, before the ice storm broke up those colorful trees you see behind that house.
A couple of things have kept me too busy to notice much else. I have a lot to fix on my new house before winter arrives so I am dealing with repairmen constantly. And my online job has been giving me headaches with all the changes being made and the updating to do. I love working from home, but there are many things I don’t have control over, and in the internet world it seems that changes and updates are constant.
I am always learning new things and I guess that is good exercise for my mind.

Sorry, but all these photos are of years gone by. If you live in New England I’d love to hear what you think of the season’s color this year.

3 thoughts on “Foliage Season Winds Down In New Hampshire

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  2. Sharon Lovejoy

    Well, I was so disappointed in the color in Maine, but then little bits of color popped through the pines and firs and I was happy! Golden, peach, bronze, almost purple, but not much red this year.

    Hope you’re doing well with your home AND the job.

    Chin up girl!



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