Summer at Lake Sunapee

lake cruise

Lake Sunapee Cruise

Did you know that Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler has a home on beautiful Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire? I watched the new Oprah show where she interviewed him at his home there. I almost believed that he was just a regular guy – ha! Who dresses funny. But I love water. Love lakes. Love boating. And it’s always been my dream to live on the water, so I found the interview fascinating and even more so because he has a home on a lake – that is only an hour away from me.

Before I saw the interview, I had seen local news reporters (months before) reporting that Oprah Winfrey had been spotted riding around in a car with Steven Tyler up that way. The reporter even tried to get some info from the maid? or someone at the house, but the gates remained locked for him. Sure enough, a few months later we could see what all the fuss was about. During the interview the two megastars ventured out in Tylers convertible and rode through Sunapee Harbor and out to someplace to tramp through the woods. (Bet Oprah loved that!)

But – I recognized the Anchorage restaurant they passed, where I had eaten a few times (and where S.T. met Joe Perry, I believe) and I decided to make a trip up to Lake Sunapee this summer and go out on the Harbor Cruise. My son from Florida has been visiting and we did just that this past week.  We also ate at the Anchorage.

Enjoy my photos from the cruise – Can you guess which home belongs to Steven Tyler?

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