Pictures of Hydrangea Flowers

I photograph hydrangeas for my Hydrangeas Blue blog, for making wedding stationery for my BlueHyd online store, and for use other places I write online.

Recently I added some hydrangea shrubs to my yard and although I didn’t think they would bloom this year, they did!

It’s a wonderful surprise and I’ve been enjoying photographing these pretty hydrangea varieties.

white hydrangea


white hydrangea blushing bride

Blushing Bride

starfish and blue hydrangea flower

Endless Summer

Blue Hydrangeas in Bloom

7 thoughts on “Pictures of Hydrangea Flowers

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  5. swisstoons

    These look so fresh and beautiful I can almost smell them right through my computer screen. It’s no wonder the wedding invitations featuring your hydrangeas are bestsellers! Easy to see why brides-to-be would be drawn to them!


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