One Man’s Junk…

used furniture

Re-purposing furniture

This piece of furniture is not exactly junk, but I need to get rid of it. I recently contacted a local shop that sells used furniture and all kinds of things, to see if they might take this entertainment center of mine and sell it.  I have been hoping to add it to a consignment shop, but I have no way to get it there.  I’m hoping that this place will pick it up.

Murray’s Home Again store is located in Peterborough, New Hampshire on the corner of Routes 101 and 123 and I’ve passed by often and seen chairs and bed frames and such out on the lawn.  I have too much furniture as it is, so I never bothered to stop in, but I thought they might be able to help me sell my cherry wood, 3-piece entertainment center. I don’t want this set to get ruined in my garage and I have no room for it in my present home. We bought it in Florida, many years ago, and it fit perfectly in my living room there.

Now it’s time to make room in my garage.  This is one of my big chores to accomplish this summer.

I just sent pictures to them so we’ll see what they say.  But the store looks very interesting and their Facebook page is great too.  They have more than just furniture and provide lots of pictures too.  Now I can’t wait to check the place out.  I think it could be addicting.

3 thoughts on “One Man’s Junk…

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  2. swisstoons

    That’s a fine-looking piece of furniture! If someone had told me it was handcrafted, I wouldn’t have doubted it judging from this photo. Have you tried posting it on ebay? I bet you’d get a good price at auction.


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