Getting Rid of The Dead Wood

Cutting down trees

Removing dead trees in my yard.

Trees are one of the important things that make this world beautiful and I hate to see them cut down, but the three I recently had removed were dead and dying.

When I moved into my house last year, I surveyed the tree line along the front yard. Those trees are very close to the house and fortunately they all looked like they were in good shape, except for the one on the end. It was July, and that tree had no leaves. I also noticed that the big one, in the cluster of three, had a big gouge in the trunk that looked like it had been there for many years.

The top branches of the two remaining had bare branches, so I knew that something was going on with the entire cluster.

The tree guys were across the street dropping some huge pines for my neighbor and they came by to give me an estimate. They also said that I was correct and that those trees were dying. They were black birch.

So they were cut down and then cut into large sections which I will have my son cut smaller when he comes to visit in another week. I’ll let the wood dry and burn it in my wood stove, probably next year.

black birch tree cut down

Falling Black Birch

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