They’re Heeeeeere – The Black Flies Return

female Nephila clavipes from Bulow Creek State...

female Nephila clavipes from Bulow Creek State Park, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Black flies are the worst of all bugs.  I’ve lived in Florida where the spiders are the size of your hand.  Seriously, I have seen some enormous spiders in my life.  I’ve dealt with cockroaches, palmetto bugs and banana spiders (pictured) and I don’t like any of them, but none of them kept me from being able to go outside.

About a week ago I was outside enjoying our stint of sunny, dry (too dry) weather and sure enough I thought I saw a black fly.  They are tiny, but something about the way they fly past your head is unmistakable.   Then a few days later as I was watering the tulips I got bitten and they were swarming me like mad.  I had to go inside.

So from now until the beginning of June there will be no enjoying the outdoors up here in New Hampshire.   I could try riding a bike and move faster than them (if only I wouldn’t have to walk up the hills – ya, right).  I won’t be going for walks on the nice days or doing much yard work.  I will still take my chances and go outside, but one of my arms already has 5 bites that are swollen and itchy.  Ahhhh Spring.

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