Buying Succulents at The House By The Side of The Road


Succulent in a blue pot.

The House by the Side of the Road is the name of a plant nursery in Wilton, New Hampshire.  I only recently discovered it when my Realtor sent me a gift certificate from there after I closed on my house.  It’s a family run place with loads of plants and I stopped there one day this winter looking for something to have growing in my house.

I needed to buy some kind of plants that Skittle the Cat wouldn’t eat.  She is one of those cats who constantly wants attention and to get it one of the things she does is eat the plants.  I figured if I bought non-leafy ones she might not be interested and I was looking for succulents in particular.

As you can imagine, buying plants in winter doesn’t give you much choice, but this place had a whole little section of interesting cactus and succulents.  I don’t really know much about this type of plant, so I chose three that looked interesting.

The ones I chose needed re-potting, so I picked up a couple of new pots for them.  The one  in the blue pot here had a “baby” growing from the stem and it’s roots were just dangling in the air!  So I gave it it’s own little pot (see it to the left in this picture).

I don’t have names for any of these, but one has soft, fuzzy “leaves” and another looks like a bunch of hungry mouths ready to chomp down on anything that comes by (second photo down).  It reminds me of a venus fly trap type plant.  I use isolated plant images to create Succulent Wedding Paper.

fuzzy leafed plant

This plant is soft and fuzzy.


Succulent with seashells

On nice days I put them outside on the deck and they seem to love the sun.  If you like having plants but don’t want to fuss with them, try a succulent.  And don’t water them… seriously, they can go for weeks and even longer without water.

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