Dreams About Water and Bridges

Floating Bridge in Brookfield, Vermont.

When I was young, my parents took my sister and me on vacation to Vermont (we lived in Massachusetts – flatlanders!) and went across the Floating Bridge.

The bridge actually floats on top of the water on a bunch of barrels, but the creepy thing is that water also comes up over the bridge – that is it in the photo.

As a kid I was scared to death to drive in a car over a bridge that already had water on it and looked like it was sinking! I can’t remember how old I was, but I still – at least 40 years later – sometimes dream about it, and often dream about both bridges and water.

I love the water. And I find bridges fascinating – especially interesting ones. I’m not really afraid of heights – not too bad anyway, but thinking about the Floating Bridge makes my skin crawl. In fact roadways under water are too eerie to view. When the news shows flooding with roads disappearing into vast expanses of water, I have to turn away and hope I won’t dream about it.

So thanks Mom and Dad for the nice vacation.  All I can remember – for the rest of my life – is sinking down into the water as the car crossed a swaying, creepy bridge!

4 thoughts on “Dreams About Water and Bridges

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