Two Hummel Figurines From My Mother’s Collection

Hummel figurines

Little Tooter and Bookworm Girl

My mother loved her Hummel figurines and I’m pretty sure she had more than these two but they are the ones I have. She did not give them to me, I had to sneak them out of her house when she was in the nursing home with Alzheimers and her moron of a husband was left with everything.

I don’t have much from all that my mother owned. Her husband was a drunk and by the time he died, everything had been lost or sold, but I’m glad for what I do have and these two figurines remind me of when I was a kid. The Bookworm Girl (and probably the other one too) sat on a little shelf in the kitchen near the windows that looked out onto the big backyard. My mother used to wash my hair in the kitchen sink and I would lay up on the counter with my head back in the sink – then when she was done and I’d sit up, that Hummel was right at eye level. I remember looking at it while she dried my hair with a towel.

I came across the “Little Tooter” and “Bookworm Girl” a few days ago when I was unpacking a box of things that had been lugged around from house to house through all my moves of the past five years. I was happy to see them and glad they were still in one piece. They now sit on the shelf in my kitchen. I wonder what my mother would think.

3 thoughts on “Two Hummel Figurines From My Mother’s Collection

  1. Phyllis fiddes

    I think your mother would be happy that you have them. I also have the little tooter. I bought him when i was only 17 and working in the china shop which sold them..


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