Skimpy Halloween Decorations, But I’ve Got Candy!

Halloween candle holders in the window

Skimpy Halloween Decor

Even before the two feet of snow fell, my Halloween decorations had been partially removed. This was because of the renovations on the outside of my house. Now that the windows have been installed there is a nice little ledge for my three Halloween candle holders to sit upon. Besides the buried pumpkin and partially snow-covered ghost out at the end of the driveway, and a plug-in Jack O’Lantern inside the mud room,  that is all I have up for decorations.

I was excited to do Halloween this year because I live in an actual neighborhood and figured that kids would be coming to collect some goodies. My own son will be visiting with friends in our old neighborhood and he is a bit too old to trick or treat, so I decided I would drop him off and then go home and watch for kids to come and get their candy.

Now there is snow which brings ice from the warming and melting during the day, and tonight on Halloween I’m afraid my driveway will be challenging so I’ll have to put out some sand. But my front lights are not up yet so there won’t be any lights to put on except for my big pumpkin sitting in the window of the mudroom. I honestly don’t know what to expect. I’ve asked a couple of the neighbor kids (who came to help me shovel yesterday) and they said there really aren’t that many kids around.

Our town has power, so the plans have not changed, like so many have had to do to the south of us. So tonight will be a new adventure in the new neighborhood and I’ll see what Halloween is like around here. I hope the kids come by, because I’ve got some treats for them!

halloween treats

Happy Halloween

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