Before and After, New Siding, Home Makeover

My new yellow house fixer-upper

My new house, as it looked before I moved in.

I haven’t been good at keeping photos coming of my new home makeover, but here is the final picture (below) and you can see the changes that have been made to the foreclosure I bought this past summer.

The old, dark yellow clapboard was rotted and gross – as you can see in the photo above that was taken in May this year. Since I couldn’t afford to have the entire back of the house sided just yet, I opted to keep the yellow color but chose a lighter shade for the new siding. The left side wall had never been painted to match the rest of the house, so now it does match.

Instead of adding green shutters (the old ones were crumbling), I chose neutral white, which may look a bit dull in comparison, but will, in the end, look nice once I have the gardens planted along the front. I’m trying to look at the big picture and I know it will take years to accomplish, but for now I know that my house won’t rot away beneath me.

As you can see, our 2 feet of snow has pretty much melted away! Yay…

The new siding job – removing the old from the front and both sides – and replacing the front door and 4 windows in the front, took 2 weeks. The guys lost one day to power outages and the freak snow storm, but they were here rain or shine otherwise and I am completely happy with their work. I would  recommend “Branchas Siding” (now called ProVision Exteriors), to anyone.

after house renovations completed

The “after” photo of my home renovations.

9 thoughts on “Before and After, New Siding, Home Makeover

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  6. Ujean

    Ooohhh, I couldn’t check this out last night to go to bed! Looking super gorgeous! Your new deck must be on the other side! Thanks a billion for sharing this pic with me, Pam!


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