Hike A Little Mountain With a Big View

view of mountains

View From The Top of Pitcher Mountain

I don’t remember how I learned about Pitcher Mountain, but it is one of my favorite places to hike. It’s not a long way to the top from the parking lot, so most everyone would be able to do this hike. It does get a bit steep, with rocks to navigate near the top. Follow the trail to the right, which is a dirt road until you reach the edge of the pasture, then you will be on a steeper trail.

The pasture area is part of the Pitcher Mountain Farm located in Stoddard, New Hampshire. You will pass it on Rt. 123 heading west toward the small parking area for hiking. Blueberry bushes cover the top and it can get quite busy during July and August when berry picking is best. There is a money box in the parking area for donations at that time of year.

fire tower on Pitcher Mountain

Fire Tower at the Top

There is a fire tower on the rocky top and other trails to follow back down through the woods. They won’t have the nice views you’ll see by the pasture, but if you want to extend your hike, follow the trail markers out across the blueberry field toward a pole and then go down that path that leads through the woods.   It comes out at a road where you will turn left and walk back to the parking lot.  It’s a cool walk down after a hot day of picking (and eating) berries.

4 thoughts on “Hike A Little Mountain With a Big View

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  3. Kathryn

    We lived in East Tennessee when i was a child. Some friends of my parents owned property on which there was a tall, tall fire tower (as i remember). I would only go as high as the first platform. I remember thinking there were 20 platforms total, tho probably at least 8 or 10.

    The site was beautiful, tho, much like what you’ve shared. And i remember the beautiful fall colors, too, much like the pics you have. Part of me still yearns for that. Much as i love where i grew up (Montana) and live now (CA mountains), i miss the springs and falls with all the glory of blooms and colors. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂


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