The Searles Castle For Weddings

Searles Castle wedding at night

A romantic castle wedding

My son and his wife were married in January 2007 at the Searles Castle in Windham, New Hampshire. It was an elegant and romantic wedding in a historic old building and this picture is one of my favorites. They were brave to plan a wedding in January and if it had been this January, they would have had tons of snow. In 2007 there was relatively little on the ground, but just enough to make it pretty. After the ceremony, the wedding party and parents went outside and braved the cold to get some photos and then the newlyweds traveled around the grounds with the photographer and got bunches of great pictures.
Just a few days ago I was asked by a customer at my Narrow Road store if I would make her a “Save the Date” card with the Searles Castle on the front because she was getting married there later this year.
The picture above was taken by a professional photographer and my photo (below) was taken in the summer when I went with my son and his fiance and her daughter to check out the place.
The castle sits on a hill and is surrounded by trees with a long winding driveway to the main entryway and the grounds provide a wonderful background for wedding pictures.

Save the date: New England
Save the date: Hydrangeas
Save the date: Beach / Tropical / Destination

Castle Wedding Save the Date Postcard postcard

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