Orange Mushrooms A Few Days Later


A few days later

I posted a picture of these mushrooms in my previous post and they were just little, orange buttons. Now, a few days later they have “mushroomed” into flat heads as you can see in this photo.

I don’t know why, all of a sudden, I am so interested in mushrooms, but I find myself on the lookout for them at this time of year especially when I am walking in the woods.

Maybe it’s because I am surrounded by places where they are easily found, but I just never paid much attention.


The Open Mushrooms

I have no idea what type of mushroom this is. If I had to guess from the pictures and description in my book, I’d guess they are the Jack O’Lantern because they are orange and grow from many stems joined at the base. If that is what they are, then they are poisonous.

In fact most of the mushrooms I ever find turn out to be poisonous. I hope I don’t have to live off the land around here, because there is little to eat!

3 thoughts on “Orange Mushrooms A Few Days Later

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  3. Swisstoons

    Keep looking, Pam! I am rooting for you to find some edible ones. Do you find Morels in your book? I think you might be a born naturalist…the way you are drawn to explore the outdoors in detail. Great photos! I think that when you have catalogued and photographed all of the fungii in your area, you should make a Squidoo lens on this interesting subject.


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