A Trip to Boston

Fenway Park

Fenway Park, Red Sox Game

My two sons who live out of town came to visit me this summer and while they were here they went to Boston with their sister and her boyfriend to see a Red Sox / Rangers game at Fenway. They all love baseball (well, my daughter not so much), but they love the city too and had a great time – and sunny, warm weather for the short trip. My son took a ton of photos during the game and I think that this one is a pretty good shot showing the “green monster”.

statue at the cigar store

Nick and friend

How nice that Nick found a cigar smoking buddy.

Boston fire truck

Going on a Call?

My son, Nick, is a firefighter in Florida so he had to snap this shot of the Boston fire department’s truck running a call. He also took a photo of one of the fire hydrants and a wall hydrant. Funny.

Cheers mug

A Famous Bar

Of course they had to visit “Cheers” and they all drank water I guess!


A Trip to Boston

They had a blast even if it was only for a couple of days. The weather was great and I got a break from all their bickering! Ha ha!

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