The Air Up Here

When I visited North Carolina one year I remember standing outside on the deck of the house we had rented just breathing in the cool, dry air. I lived in Florida and air like that never happened. We would get less humid air – our “winter” – but it still was not the same as the “northern” stuff.


I love the North

I realized then how much I missed that lack of humidity that wasn’t brought about by air conditioning.

I also thought it was odd to think of the Carolina’s as “north”. I never could get used to everything being north when I lived in Florida.

Now that I am back in New England the world seems right again. North Carolina is in the south and the air I breathe up here is mostly wonderfully dry. I swear there is no air like the air up here. Even during this hot, and sometimes quite muggy, summer we get a break and the air clears.

This morning at 4AM it is like that.
I just let my cats out, against my better judgment, and I went outside on the deck to scare away any wildlife that might want to hunt them, and the air is just awesome.

The day before yesterday I finally bought an air conditioner to help with this humidity we’ve been having, and now the temperature has dropped to about 40 degrees! But I love it.
It feels like Fall, but I am not fooled. It’s only the beginning of August and we are bound to have more humid, muggy days, but this morning I feel the energy that comes with this sweet smelling northern air.

3 thoughts on “The Air Up Here

  1. Kathryn

    Compared to where i live, NC would always be humid. I visited friends in Western Virginia years ago. They were about 10 miles from the NC border, & i thought where they lived one of the most beautiful spots on the earth. But then i see beauty in most things (tho i’d never care to live in low desert climates, myself). Each region has its particular beauty.

    We are on the slide into fall now. Down the mountain they are still likely to have hot weather into mid-September or later, but at 7,000 Ft summer is on its way out. Our low at night has been below 40F for the last 3 nights, tho the days are still in the 70s.

    Each season has its own beauty, too, tho i’m not very anxious to have the snow come yet! Hope you enjoy your cool weekend. 🙂


    1. seashellsbymillhill

      Thanks Kathryn,
      I think you live in a gorgeous place and like you I wouldn’t be able to live in the dessert areas. You sure get tons of snow, I don’t blame you for not wanting it yet!


  2. Gifts of Laughter

    I get jealous every time I read your descriptions of New Hampshire and get a glimpse of what you get to see every day. To any visitors to this webpage, I’d recommend clicking on the photos up above for a larger view. I think I could sit and gaze at that pool for hours. When you look at the photo you can almost hear the burbling waters. Gotta be a cure for whatever ails you.


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