Taking a Winter Walk

It feels like I’ve been getting nowhere fast lately.

Just a few months ago I was rising at 3am and working for 3 peaceful, quiet hours before my son got up to go to school. I was getting so much accomplished! Now thanks to hot flashes and new cats that like to play through the night, I get up groggily at 6am.

My son comes home at 3pm and my “work” day pretty much ends only to begin the evening chores of homework (his) and cooking.

Then came the holidays, which stole my valuable work time and the 2 week Christmas vacation. When my son went back to school he made it through 2 1/2 days and came home sick with the flu. It wasn’t bad, just enough for him to be home again for 5 days. Of course that created lots of make up homework which is his FAVORITE thing!!! He’s the kind of kid who will twirl his pencil and sputter about his horrible teacher instead of doing the work and getting it over with. A homework paper that should take 10 minutes takes him 30.

We’ve had some snow storms lately and that gave him another day off to spend at home and by then I had pretty much fallen so far behind in my work that it didn’t really matter.

So today I opted for a walk. It’s been far too long since we had nice enough weather, and although the road is a bit treacherous if a car comes along, I figured there wouldn’t be much traffic at 7:30am.
I knew that the snow on the trees wouldn’t last so I took all I could before the battery died. I wanted to add more photos, but the site is freezing up when I try, but I got one posted. I’ll be adding more as I can.

Winter sky

Winter Sky

3 thoughts on “Taking a Winter Walk

  1. farmergal

    Thank you for the lovely winter scene. I am a lover of snow and the magic it creates. It sounds that you need more walks to deal with your busy life. But enjoy those chaotic moments, too, for they soon slip away like the melting snow. Farmergal


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