Newly Adopted Cats in Our House

Lately the kids have really been after me to get some sort of pet. We lost our little dog Rolly almost a year ago but I don’t feel ready to have another dog. It’s been nice to not be tied down with a dog and Rolly was old- 16- and very needy and tempermental.
I have never gone this long without a pet, so we talked about having a cat.
Well, it ended up being two cats and we adopted them from the
“Friends of Manchester Animal Shelter”.

two black cats

Richie and Fontana

My daughter went by the FMAS (shelter) and of course wanted every animal there – mostly they had cats, but she settled on “Richie” because he was so friendly. Then my son wanted one too and I thought, what’s the difference as long as they get along.
So we put Richie and Fontana (their shelter names) in a closed room together and they didn’t fight so we thought they would be fine together and it has worked out very well. They sleep together on the front window ledge, eat side by side, and have recently begun to roughhouse play together too.


Watching the Squirrels

For $75 we got two nice cats who are spayed and neutered and have had all their shots. A friend of ours recently found a stray kitten and after taking it to the vet – one cat- the cost was over $200.
So Fontana and Richie have a new home and I think they are pretty happy.

two black cats

Their Favorite Spot to Rest

5 thoughts on “Newly Adopted Cats in Our House

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  3. Kathryn

    Thanks for visiting! (I replied to your comment at my comment section.)

    I love your kitties! We rescued one of ours from a shelter. The other we got young so that they would adapt to each other. We have many laughs & much joy watching them.

    Happy 3rd day of Christmas! And happy New Year, too. 🙂


  4. marg

    That is great that you adopted two cats from the shelter. I love to hear stories like that. I have two black kittens here. They are about 9 months old but I still call them kittens. Yours are gorgeous. The one looks like it has long hair.
    Thanks so much for visiting our blog.


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