Knitting a Hat With Painted Yarn

It’s always difficult to visualize the outcome when buying painted or dyed yarn in varying colors and shades. I loved the colors in this wool yarn and wanted to knit another hat using one of my favorite hat patterns.

So here is the result. It took me a little over a skein and this yarn doesn’t come in matching dye lots so the colors in the second skein (shown) were a little different than the one I used for the main portion of the hat. But no one would notice.

I’ll use the rest of the skein for part of a scarf or mittens.


Knitting a Hat

One thought on “Knitting a Hat With Painted Yarn

  1. Kathryn

    It looks so beautiful!

    The pattern in the hat reminds me a little of the first thing i ever knitted, a simple sweater top that was just 2 rectangular panels sewn together. The variegated yarn looked like this when done.

    What a beautiful hat, & lovely yarn. 🙂


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