Snowfall and Metal Roofs

We got a bunch of snow last Wednesday. I shoveled off and on all day between digging out the cars (I don’t have a garage) and clearing the deck and steps.

The house I rent has a new metal roof, which my landlord loves becuase now the snow just slides right off…and it did. Overnight the entire load of about a foot of snow slid off the roof – it’s loud too! So I woke up to find that my cleared deck was loaded with a couple of feet of firmly packed snow.

My son helped me clear it, since my back was aching from the day before, but my wood pile is half burried as well and there is no more using the front door – just the back. But the roof is clear!

snow from the roof

Snow From the Roof

2 thoughts on “Snowfall and Metal Roofs

  1. Thomas

    That’s a lot of snow drift! I’m sure it was good exercise for your son. I can’t imagine what your house must sound like during a hail storm!


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