18 Wheelers On The Road: I am not Happy

I have heard that 200 acres of land is being cleared in my neighborhood. Someplace back in the woods – way out – I can hear the equipment working and the evidence of destruction passes my house all day long. 18-Wheelers full of wood chips and logging trucks full of freshly cut huge trees pass by from around 4:30 am until whenever they finish for the day.


Big Trucks on Little Roads

There is a tree farm way out a little, one lane road and I assume that is where the trees are coming from.  I can’t even imagine how these monstrous trucks are getting out there.

The thing is, last winter – all winter- the same thing was happening, but the trees were coming from another area. Supposedly these trucks will stop once the snow falls. They won’t be able to get to the area where the cutting is taking place.

So I’ve heard.

I know that people have to make money and that trees are needed for building supplies, etc., but it is still sad to think of a forest being destroyed.
And I really dislike meeting up with these trucks on my small dirt road…as you can see in my photo – it’s not a very wide roadway and I especially dislike the fact that the school bus must also pass them!

I love living in the country, but there is a price to pay.

Logging truck


One thought on “18 Wheelers On The Road: I am not Happy

  1. Thomas

    That is indeed depressing! Sustainable lumbering and alternative forms of wood materials (like bamboo) is something that I’d really like to learn more about. Hopefully, this clearing will not impact your neighborhood too much…but then again, how could it not?

    I have told Marc that once we can afford to, I’d like to buy some undeveloped land (maybe in Maine). There’s nothing like wandering through the woods on a crisp fall day.


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