Make Your Own Suet


It’s November and was only 27° this morning so I started to feed the birds. I had made up some suet about a month ago and kept it in the freezer to use this winter.  The birds seem to like my homemade suet much better than the store bought kind.

Although we don’t eat much bacon, I save the grease in a can in the fridge to use for making suet. When I have a full can, I add it to store bought fat (beef usually) and melt it on low heat. Then I add peanut butter, and whatever else I have to bind it together – such as old bread, cornmeal, crackers, cereal, etc.

I’ve found that using a disposable tin pan is best, since clean up can be a chore, and a nice square or rectangular one is perfect for cutting the suet (once it’s cold) into the right size for my feeders.

Suet Feeder

This Suet is Homemade

I don’t add seeds of any kind to my suet as it is intended mainly for woodpeckers. I put out plenty of sunflower and thistle seeds for the seed eating birds so I don’t waste it in the suet.


Homemade Suet

A tail prop feeder works best for woodpeckers since they use their tails for balance. Also the upside down suet feeders are good for keeping the squirrels from chowing down.

9 thoughts on “Make Your Own Suet

  1. Kary Gonyer

    This just made me smile…sometimes I feel like a crazy woman trying to feed everyone around here….hummingbirds, gold finches which I just love..they have the cutest little tweet tweet…I have to fill their sock once a day..and Tony, my blue jay..he is here all day asking for peanuts..he is so funny..he even follows me on our walks with Buddy…

    I love that you are making your own suet..what a great idea…..

    I really love your blog….wonderful.

    more later,


  2. flandrumhill

    The homemade suet I offer the birds is very popular with the chickadees and woodpeckers. I pour cooled bacon fat into an empty plastic yogourt container that’s kept in the freezer. When it’s full, I run it for a moment under hot water and it easily slides into a recycled mesh onion or garlic bag which I then knot and string to a tree branch.

    It’s been too mild to put any out yet, but the time is soon coming…


      1. flandrumhill

        You go right ahead Pam. It’s not just simple and cheap, it’s also quick. However, if ‘I’ was a woodpecker and given a choice, I think I’d be going for your peanut butter blend 😉


  3. Kathryn

    I’ve heard of making your own. But then i eat vegetarian (hubby does not) & i don’t have a lot of fat in the house. And i struggle to make our meals, don’t think i’d do it for the birds, but it is a good thing to keep in mind if life changes.

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂


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