My Garden Carrots


My Stubby Home Grown Carrots

I finally pulled up all my carrots. None of them look like “real” carrots and they are too bitter to eat. Earlier in the season I did use some of them in stew, but they never really did very well. I threw them into the compost pile where they might be of some future help to my garden soil.

I know that carrots don’t like rocky soil and although I tried to get most of the rocks out of my new garden, I do live in the Granite State (New Hampshire), so rocks abound. And even though the ones from this season were not edible I will probably try again next year because they are simple to grow and don’t take up much space. We’ll see.

One thought on “My Garden Carrots

  1. Thomas

    I wonder what makes them bitter. I’ve heard of other people describe some raw carrots as being bitter but I’ve never noticed. Strange. I would think that the cooler weather would make your carrots taste extra sweet.

    When did you sow these? I sowed mine in mid August and they are still baby sized.


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