Thank You Veterans

Long before I began my online shop, I visited Bristol, New Hampshire and took this photo from “Inspiration Point”.

My husband, son and I were looking for short hikes and headed up to the Newfound Lake area. We found this out of the way trail that took us to the top of “Little Round Top” and found this cross and some rustic wooden benches. It looked like an outdoor church setting.  With the small town of Bristol in the background and mountains off in the distance, this cross seemed to be in the perfect spot and luckily the weather was great also.

I’ve used the photo of this wooden cross to create many items, but one of the first I ever made was this one honoring our veterans.

So thank you all – today and everyday- for your service and bravery. I also thank the families who sacrifice as well. These courageous men and women truly do take our place. May God keep you safe as you fight for our freedom and may everyone in this great country know how much they have because of your -and those like you who have gone before -dedication and commitment.Veterans Remembrance postcard

Apparently it is a popular place to watch Hawk migration according to this site. Read more about New Hampshires pristine lakes here.

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