The Quaint New England Town of Peterborough

Yesterday I visited the quaint New Hampshire town of Peterborough and took some photos early in the morning before the town woke up. Thornton Wilder’s play “Our Town” was based on this town! ┬áHe wrote the play while staying at the MacDowell Colony back in 1938. Peterborough has two “main” streets. The one called Main […]

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winter sunrise

Adjusting to The Time Change

Time ticks away and we never seem to get ahead, until Fall, when we gain an hour. Then part of that extra hour is wasted changing the time on all our clocks. Although the time change has screwed up my sleep even more than it was, I have felt like I had extra time over […]

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Seasonal Photos of a Rural Life

I collected these leaves while on a walk along a dirt road one day. I used to live in a very rural location and I didn’t own my own place, so I had a lot of time to walk. Fall and winter were always my favorite seasons to take landscape photography around the nearby lake. […]

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