Clacks mittens Lettlopi wool

Knitting “Clacks” Mittens Pattern in Lettlopi Wool

When I finished knitting a recent sweater, I had some wonderful Icelandic wool leftover. About that same time I found the Clacks mittens pattern. I thought it might be perfect for using up more of the Lettlopi wool. About a year or so ago I knit a stranded mitten pattern by designer Virginia Settler-Reimer. I […]

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swatching in the round colorwork

Swatching Colorwork Knitting in the Round is Yukky

It’s a bit embarrassing to show this swatch of colorwork because I messed up big time. But I don’t plan to do this again. A while ago I watched a video about swatching colorwork knitting in the round using this method, so I thought I’d try it. When swatching for a sweater, I always make […]

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Perfect Newborn socks pattern knitting

Free Knitting Patterns I Have Used and Liked

As a beginner knitter I was always searching for free patterns to try. I was afraid I wouldn’t understand a pattern if I bought it because those were for people who knew what they were doing! Fortunately some clever people do write up patterns and share them for free. Some of these people are designers […]

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Farfuglar sweater yoke and neck

Knitting Three Sweaters

At the beginning of 2021 I decided I would make this a sweater knitting year. Right now I have three sweaters on the needles, after having a few “fail” moments to narrow down the patterns. All three sweaters are pullovers and two have colorwork yokes. Sweater #1: The Hand-spun Yarn Sweater Because I really wanted […]

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