June Knitting Projects Currently in the Works

big skein of spring green yarn

I have to keep track of what I am knitting so what better place than here on my blog. It may not be of much help to any readers, but maybe it will inspire someone to knit something.  I’m listing them in June, and certainly won’t be done with them in June!

No matter how hard I try, I can’t finish a project before I begin at least one, two or three more. I get bored easily so picking up the same knitting every time I get the urge to knit, won’t work.  So I end up with a number of things going on at once.  Most knitters are this way I imagine.

But, I tend to forget what pattern I am working on.   When I pick up something to work on, I have to scrounge around for the pattern to remind myself what I’m doing.  (The Ravelry site is a good place to do that too, if you don’t have a blog.)

Now I will be keeping my current projects listed here, and will update to show the finished products with notes, advice and whatever I’ve learned along the way.

I won’t begin any more projects until July (Says Who?)

Project 1:   Estrellita Blue Hat with sparkle yarn from Miss Babs -estrellita. I am making up this pattern as I go.  The yarn is pretty, but a bit stiff feeling- not as soft as I’d hoped.  It’s because of the sparkle I suppose.

knitting a blue hat

Ribbed hat in Estrellita sparkle yarn

Fingering yarn.
CO 120+1 = 120 total (use extra stitch to join only)
K2,P2 around and around for a fold up brim.  It seems small.  Might have to be for a young girl.
Next? Not sure what to do now. I may add stitches to make a slouch hat, or use bigger needles and add another yarn to blend with this one. I’ve never done either of those things, but I may try something new. This could get me into trouble.
knitting divider

Project 2: Spring Green Shawl in fingering yarn from Miss Babs – Katahdin, light fingering.  This is a huge ball of yarn with 1750 yards!  I paid $3 for them to wind it for me.  Totally worth it!

Diamond pattern spring green shawl

Diamond pattern spring green shawl

I keep messing up the diamond pattern design, but I don’t want to frog this item. I have already ripped back to a lifeline, and that wasn’t pretty either. Read My experience using a lifeline to see what happened.

I’m also using the i-cord edging to make neat edges.  This shawl will take a while to finish.

I’ve decided to just keep going even though the pattern is messed up in places. The shawl will either be for me or my daughter, and neither of us will inspect it too closely. She may never even notice the mistakes.
knitting divider
Project 3: African Gray rectangular shawl using the Terrace Wrap free pattern at Purl Soho.  Using the Dutch Knitting Stitch, which is simple, but this long, rectangular wrap will take a while to finish.  At first I wasn’t happy with the way it curled, but I will continue and hope it flattens when I block it.

Also, I will not have enough yarn of this color to finish, so will have to incorporate another color at some point.

Terrace wrap shawl in african gray

Terrace Wrap shawl in African Gray

knitting divider

Project 4:  White Hat & Scarf in “natural” Rasta yarn – which will be a gift.  This will probably be what I work on most.  Will be similar to the previous hat and scarf pattern in Arco Iris Rasta yarn.  I’ll be following the Churchmouse Fisherman’s Rib scarf free pattern, and making the hat similar to the one done in “Arco Iris” color.  This yarn is a already a favorite of mine.  It knits up quickly, and is so soft!

Malabrigo rasta yarn in natural color

Malabrigo “Rasta” bulky yarn in color “natural”

How to do the Fisherman’s Rib stitch, also called K1B (knit one below).

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