Time to Try New Blogging Techniques

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Making Time to Blog

There comes a time when I say to myself; either do it or don’t.  Decide already and move on!  It’s been that way with blogging for a while now for me.  My online business keeps me very busy, and since it’s my bread and butter, I am disciplined and do it every day.  I even work weekends, so I have no problem with the design part of my business.  That is because I enjoy it, mostly.  I never run out of ideas for designs to try on various products I sell.  But that is the easy part of my business.  Promotion is a big part, and that means writing, as in blogging.

Often I will enjoy writing.  When an idea is born and takes flight, I can write and write.  Too bad most of those ideas come in the middle of the night when I know I will forget them by morning.  However, I now have a new iPhone, and as I’m learning how to take advantage of it’s apps, I see that I can “speak” a message.  How about telling my phone, using the notes app, about my great ideas?  No pen and paper and lights on in the night required.  Just my groggy voice speaking my idea into the phone.  (I knew I needed an iPhone!)

After reading The Daily Post article on blogging “Three Thoughts on Sustainable Blogging Resolutions” I was inspired to make some changes in my attitude about blogging.  It doesn’t’ matter that I don’t plan to do exactly what the writer suggested, reading the article was enough to make me realize that I need to do something productive.  And as it goes with my design work, the end product will probably be a lot different than I visualize in the beginning.  My new attitude is positive!

My excuses for not blogging range from no time, to no inspiration.  I don’t write because I feel like it will fall flat.  What is the point of writing something that is horribly boring and dull.  Who wants to read that?  So here is my solution.  Although I realize that a good, long post is what helps in the rankings, not every post needs to be a masterpiece (according to my scale).  I love photos, and when the weather is good I tend to take a lot of photos myself.  It’s easy and fun to share photos, whether they are my own or borrowed from a public domain site, like Pixabay.  A short post with a nice photo can fill in the gaps between my big stories.

So there you have it.  These are just a couple of new ideas I plan to follow going forward.  This is not my only blog, so I will have to do it times 5, but I am hopeful that the days to follow will bring better posts.  And with that, I will be a more focused blogger.

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