Happy New Year, There’s Always Hope


The End of 2014

Happy new year to all. I suppose there is always the hope that it will be “happy”. The 31st of December is the birthday of an old friend of mine. I always thought it was the best day of the year to celebrate a birthday. Everyone all over the world is partying so it’s a festive atmosphere everywhere. I’ll have to remember to give her a call later.

As far as hopes for a happy year to come, what does that mean? I’d rather be content, healthy, and settled, which I suppose would convert to being happy. In the new year I hope for an increase in business income. I’ll continue to work on becoming healthier and get off my medicine.

Don’t make resolutions you can’t keep, but maybe making one little resolution would be a good idea. I’ll have to decide what that will be. It will not have anything to do with losing weight! I should blog more, and procrastinate less. I’ve already begun painting pictures, which was a lifelong goal of mine. That could be an easy resolution to keep. Paint more! Working more on my art and get it posted for sale in my store.

Tonight I will watch the Stooges or the Simpsons until I fall asleep relatively early. No champagne, but I will have a glass of Irish Whiskey (or 2). I wish you a fun and safe new year’s eve, and success and health for 2015.

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