Awesome Animals in Nature Photography

bear cub in a tree

Photo by tpsdave at Pixabay

If you’re in the market to view, or use, cute animal photography, I know a place that has many useful images. The photos on this page all came from the Pixabay site, and I think they are some of the cutest animals in nature you’ll see anywhere. And the best thing is that you (or anyone) can use these photos for any purpose. They are in the public domain and can be used for personal or commercial projects / designs.

The photographer who goes by the name “tpsdave” is one of my favorites and he provided this bear cub picture, and the one of the moose. He also offers an array of other types of images which are just as stunning.

moose lying down


Photo by Memory Catcher

LoggaWiggler is another of my favorite photographers with many useful and super cute images at Pixabay, like the one below of fluffy baby geese.

The site is growing with more images added every day and if you are a photographer, why not add some of your pictures to share with the world?

fluffy baby geese swimming

Photo by LoggaWiggler

And last but not least, a cute squirrel photo submitted to Pixabay by yours truly (dustytoes).
gray squirrel eating

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