Little Cabins and Cozy Homes

Cabin in the woods

Little Cabin

This little cabin photo was taken near the Girl Scout Camp in Antrim. In fact it’s one that sits on their land and I suspect that visitors sleep in during the summer. It’s away from the main camp area, so I’m not sure. I think it would be a little creepy to sleep here, with nothing between me and the bears and moose but a screen wall! (Click to view more photos of Camp Chenoa.)

On my Pinterest board “Cozy Homes” I have pinned some cute little places to live which have grabbed my attention. My idea of a cozy home is a small house with some character to it. I plan to live alone one day (may not ever happen, but I’m dreaming) and I don’t want a lot of house to take care of. It would be wonderful to have a bunch of land, or to live in a place with a view, but the house must be small.

If you don’t do anything on Pinterest, I’ll say that it’s easy to figure out and it’s fun to gather things together that you like. Some of my boards have to do with my work, but many of them hold information in one easy-to-find spot. I have a board (or section) with garden ideas and information and another with recipes that pertain to using fresh garden veggies.

The fact that many women end up alone these days, I would think that builders would keep in mind that not everyone wants some big 3 bedroom / 2 bath home. It’s difficult to find a small, cozy home on nice land. Everyone seems to want a big, showy house.

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