Life Overload – Making Kaleidoscope Images

design in pink and green

Fun with lilies

It’s all getting to me. The holidays – no tree up yet. The wedding plans – are called off. The lack of sales at my online stores – always happens this time of year. I need to get to the dentist. I need to find a good homeopath. Make a will. Find new health insurance. Write, blog, promote, bake, clean, walk, diet…. and on it goes. Until I just seem to shut down and do nothing.

So I began to play with my Paint program.  Usually I will design something when everything else gets tiresome.  I lose myself in playtime and usually discover new things while I’m at it.

Such was the case when I began to make kaleidoscope images from some of my photography.  I spent all day Sunday doing this.  I’d find an image with some good colors and mess with them until they looked good and then enlarge and save.

The round results are designs that I can add to products in my Zazzle stores such as the new wall clocks and dartboards.  They may never sell, but it was fun to do.  I am now considering some other uses for them as well.  If I can get my act together.

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