Little Deer Visits on Day of Our First Snow

little deer in the garden

Hey, that’s my parsley!

Yesterday we had our first snow in the area and it wasn’t much but it brought a little deer into my yard who had fun finding it’s breakfast among my garden.
The blackberry leaves were the first to be munched, and they she began nosing through the greenery poking through the snow and found my parsley! Hey! She also liked the long leaf from my new Iris (which never bloomed last year) so at least it was good for something.
I’m sharing a few more shots below:

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3 thoughts on “Little Deer Visits on Day of Our First Snow

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  2. Suzanne

    Such a sweet thing to see. I love seeing the wildlife roaming through the yard. It just makes my day. You managed to get some lovely shots. I tend to sit and stare in awe and miss capturing the moment on film.


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