Staying Busy in the Midst of Winter

Christmas mailbox moving noticeI keep a journal and don’t write in it often.  I would like to say there are new and exciting things going on in my life, but there just aren’t.  I applied to my back to get pre-approved for a mortgage so I can stop renting and was told I need to wait six months since my divorce was just recently final, so that is on hold.  I am working on getting my taxes together – which is always exciting.  I’m hoping to get them done for free again this year by the folks at the River Center, where I met my tax guy who came to my house and I paid him in cookies – no kidding!  My deck is buried in snow that is more like cement, and my face hasn’t been in the sun since the last time I walked across the parking lot into the grocery store a week ago.  All this is very boring, I know.
I also began using a day planner for my work.  The trouble I am having is that I never seem to get the lists finished and they carry over day after day.  I get sidetracked easily and must have a touch of my son’s ADD.  I always check my e-mail first thing and see what my recent store sales look like.  Most everything is selling from Sandpiper Wedding and I attribute that to the fact that the blog is being updated every day by my daughter.  Updating daily will bring more views, and more views transfer to more sales.  It’s also filled with images of beaches and tropical things.  Maybe that is the reason for the views.

So goes life in winter. Just keep plugging along.

4 thoughts on “Staying Busy in the Midst of Winter

  1. Swisstoons

    Your daughter’s helping you blog? Wait a minute. Who wrote that part about your daughter doing a great job? 😀 Are you keeping a close eye on what she’s writing, Pam? Hahaha. That is a very FUNNY magnet up there, by the way.


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