Making Cheese With Flowers

Nasturtium flower

My Red / Orange (& edible) Nasturtium

I will tell you right away that I have never done this, but I visited one of my favorite bloggers (and she is so much more) only to find an amazing post that included fresh picked flowers and yogurt.

Sharon Lovejoy is an author of many books and writes the most interesting posts on her blog along with some excellent photos of her quaint and lovely home in California – and the one in Maine when she is there.  I honestly don’t get around to reading the blogs I have linked to as much as I’d like because my work takes up most of my day, but I truly love to visit a great blog.  As busy and popular as Sharon is, she still takes time to read my piddly little blog and leave a comment here and there.  Does that tell you the kind of sweet person she is?

Actually, she reminds me very much of my grandmother (and I don’t mean to say that she is old).  My Nana always had a good thing to say.  She was positive and open-minded and encouraging and sharing.  I don’t know Sharon personally, but I imagine that she is just as she comes across in her blog posts – and that is how she comes across.

Please view her amazing post –Stir Gently and Add Friends -about making cheese from yogurt and flowers.  I learned something new today and I have to buy a strainer.

3 thoughts on “Making Cheese With Flowers

  1. E. Baron

    That’s beautiful! (and makes me long for spring!) Thanks for sharing her blog, too. A friend used to make cheese from yogurt just by storing it for a while in a clean, terra cotta pot. The whey seeps out over time, and the “cheese” is left. So easy! Thanks!


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