Between Fall And Winter

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The Gray Season

In some areas I suppose it may still look like Fall and technically it is, but this is really the gray season if you ask me. The leaves have been blown off the trees and raked up out of the yards and their gray branches mingle with the hemlocks and pines on the hills. I think it’s pretty cool to be able to see so much now with the trees bare. All the houses that have been in seclusion all summer are now easy to see up on the hills and back in the woods. It’s easier to go for walks in the woods (wearing bright orange of course, because it’s also hunting season) because the weeds and tall grass has died.

We had another beautiful Fall here in New Hampshire and I truly enjoyed it and now we have our wood stacked and the chimneys are clean and ready to go. This weekend some cold weather is hanging around and I’m thinking of starting up the wood stove for the first time this season. I have one cord of firewood, which isn’t a lot, and I had some left over from last year, but it should help to supplement my oil burning and help with the cost.
I am waiting for the snow. In my opinion, if it’s going to be cold, then I want some pretty snow to look at. I don’t have to go out and drive in it as much as someone who goes off to work each day, but I do have to take my son down the road to the bus stop each morning and I don’t have a garage so that means shoveling, brushing off the car and melting the ice off the windshield. I still like the snow. Bring it on..!!

snow covered car

I can't wait..!

3 thoughts on “Between Fall And Winter

  1. Nourishing Words

    November is my most difficult time of the year: grey, brown, cold and wet…and getting darker by the day. I agree that snow does brighten and warm things up some but, if I’m really honest, what I want most is for spring to hurry along and get here quick! I’ll pepper my winter calendar with a few special things to pull me through the dark days and April will be here before I know it. I hope!


  2. Kathryn

    We are currently getting our first “drop” of snow. Only about an inch so far, but it is suppose to continue for another 24 hours or so. I’m with you – it is pretty to look at. 🙂

    But it may be an interesting trip to church this morning. We get so many people here who have never driven in snow, it becomes rather a circus. The ski hills are happy, tho.

    Hope you get snow to your heart’s content, soon. 🙂


  3. Swisstoons

    That’s not a different view of the old homestead up there, is it, Pam? For some reason, I’ve always pictured a one story duplex. The second photo would make the perfect magazine ad for one of those automatic card starters, wouldn’t it. Looking at it makes me want to go turn up the thermostat here in my apartment…even though I wasn’t a bit cold til I saw at it!


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