Easy Halloween Ghost Cookies

halloween ghost cookies

Halloween Ghost Cookies

This ghost cookie recipe has been a favorite among the kids in my family and their friends at school. “Recipe” is not really the right word, since there is no baking involved, just some melting of white chocolate and spreading it on the cookies- use Nutter Butter or cookies with a ghostly shape.

My son is going on 13 and it’s the age where he’s a bit big to go trick-or-treating, but still wants to get all that tooth-rotting candy. It’s a dilemma for kids who are still kids at heart and yet are bound to get the “aren’t you too big for trick-or-treating?” comments at the doorways.

It’s also the age where many of his friends are beginning to go out for Halloween on their own. That is a judgment call and each parent should know if their kids are able to be responsible enough to do so. It also depends on how safe the neighborhoods are. We used to do a kids Halloween party with fun games, which I think is even more fun that begging for candy from strangers.

One thing we will do, is make our yearly Halloween cookies and take them to school to share with his friends.

4 thoughts on “Easy Halloween Ghost Cookies

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  3. Swisstoons

    I’ve just returned from your two Halloween Squidoo lenses. As I commented on one, I think you will be responsible for starting several Halloween traditions in households all over the country. Each has got simple, quick and easy recipes or directions for making Halloween even more fun for kids (and adults, too, for that matter).


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