More Antrim Home & Harvest Fun

I am finally adding some more photos of the Antrim, NH Home and Harvest Days celebration.
Our Main Street Pizza parlor, “Rick and Diane’s” Brick Oven Pizza, always has a float – that’s Rick (on the right) and someone else twirling the dough as the float goes by. Rick also goes to the elementary school and lets the kids practice making pizza. At least he did when my son was there. I used to live in the house where he grew up, and his father built.

Antrim parade float

Rick & Diane's Pizza Float

Each year skateboarders come from all over – I’m not sure where they were from this year – come and compete in downhill timed events on Summer Street. It’s fun to watch and although the hill doesn’t seem too big, they really go quite fast and with all the weaving in and out of the cones, they are out of breath at the bottom.

Skateboard competition

The Skateboard Competition

I have a few more photos to share but that will have to wait.

One thought on “More Antrim Home & Harvest Fun

  1. Swisstoons

    Looks like a good time was had by all. I had to read your first paragraph over several times before I could get all the way through. I kept getting hung up on the words, “Brick Oven Pizza.” Every time I reached that part, my mouth started watering and I had to go grab a napkin. Hahaha. I love pizza…and you know that a brick oven just has to result in the best crust! So, who won the skateboard event? Did your son enter?


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