Update on My Stair Climbing

I know you have been wondering how I am doing at my “Brilliant Idea for Getting In Shape“… No?

Well, I thought I’d be doing a lot more stair climbing than I ended up doing, but I am doing it.  I had hoped to get up from the computer once an hour and do the stair thing for 3 minutes.  Doesn’t sound too difficult does it?

The trouble I’m having is that I set the timer, get busy working on something in one of my Zazzle stores and when the timer goes off I think, “Okay, just let me finish posting this product for sale” , or “I’ll just finish up this drawing first”, and then I totally forget – for hours – that the timer was calling me to walk!

So I end up climbing my stairs only about 2 or 3 times a day instead of the hoped for 6.

But I am doing it, and I am convinced that it is doing some good – even if it’s a tiny bit.  I’m not too worried because with the cooler Fall air comes the lugging of firewood, which is plenty of exercise.

2 thoughts on “Update on My Stair Climbing

  1. Swisstoons

    You read my mind! Hey, I know how that is…setting the timer and then not responding when it goes off because I have become engrossed in something else. Stairclimbing is a great activity for getting in shape. But if I were you, I would not let that beautiful New England countryside go to waste. I would get a bike and be out there for a good half hour or more every day. If you ever do that, though, you might want to invest in one of the those fluorescent orange flags on the end of a long flexible pole. They go on the back of your bike so that the guy tooling up the other side of that rolling New Hampshire hill in his Maserati doesn’t leave tire tracks on your brand new physically fit bod.


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