My Favorite Gardening Blogs

backyard garden

As this page was written many years ago, my favorite blogs from back then, apparently no longer exist. I don’t want to delete the page because people are finding it, so I’m adding some links below for those of you who live in New England and do gardening. I’m in Florida now

The photo here was taken when I rented a duplex in Antrim and managed to get a little garden going. So here’s the blog notes from back in 2009? How do I tell when a blog post was written?

backyard garden
My small garden

We’ve had a hot summer so far in the northeast and the tomatoes and cukes in my garden are loving it! After having a tough time last year with the full month of rain in June, I was reluctant to plant. But my neighbor came by with a rototiller and made the garden twice as big (yes, that’s it in the photo) so I felt like I had to try to grow something in the space.

I’m very glad I did. I’ve eaten a few cherry tomatoes and 3 cukes so far, but the larger tomatoes are numerous and all the plants are green and happy!

Gardening Blogs to Read and Follow

This is being updated now in 2020 and they look like worthwhile places to visit. Since my daughter, who lives in NH, is planning to raise chickens next year, I included a blog about that.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Gardening Blogs

  1. Eleanor Baron

    Hey, thanks for mentioning Nourishing Words! Don’t you love the new connections you start building with people through blogs? It’s nice knowing you’re out there, too!


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