Shrunken Heads

hydrangea blooms

Blues and Lavenders

My neighbor and I have noticed how small the hydrangea blooms are this year. I am wondering if it’s just happening in our yard or all over.

I kept thinking that they would grow bigger, but it doesn’t appear to be the case. Most of the flowers on my shrub in the front yard are a pretty blue, but the ones growing out back have more shades of lavender. I need some new photos to update my “BlueHyd” store with new products and I depend on the shrubs in my yard to provide the flowers to do so!

I’d love to have a white shrub to photograph, but these colors give me lots of options. In fact, last year I had a greenish flower that I used to design with and it has been a good seller.

Recently I helped a customer design her wedding invitations and reply cards for a wedding on Cape Cod in August when, as she said, the hydrangeas will be in full bloom. I hope the flowers are larger down that way and I bet that her wedding will be lovely.
Alpine Green Invitation Postage stampBlue Hydrangea Flowers Postage, Alpha stampLavender Hydrangeas Photography Postage stamp

2 thoughts on “Shrunken Heads

  1. katie

    I haven’t noticed that the hydrangea blooms are any smaller than usual on the Cape this year. But I would say they are in full bloom now. Don’t know how many will be blooming by the time of the wedding.


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