Almost Planting Time

Last year I bought some Nasturtium seeds and planted them all around the edges of my newly dug gardens. Some of them did very well, but the red ones especially did not.

For some reason they got aphids (I think) all over them and died.

Nasturtium seed packets

Ready to plant!

I didn’t buy seeds this year, but I did collect seeds from the dried out pods last year and I’m hoping they will grow once it’s safe here to plant seeds – which should be very soon.

In fact this weekend will be in the 80’s and I might not be able to wait until June 1st -which is the safe planting date for this area. This time of year the temperature is like a roller coaster…today was about 52 and tomorrow will be mid-eighties.

I think lots of New Englanders will be planting.

4 thoughts on “Almost Planting Time

  1. sharon Lovejoy

    Well, I wish you luck with the nasturtiums. I really love growing them. Also, if you pick a bouquet on a leafed stem you should get roots forming within a few days. I grow them in Maine and root them constantly then replant them.

    Love to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  2. kateekat

    Sounds like your planting season is similar to ours. The garlic & wild onions are doing well. Some of the fruit trees are blooming. But we lost fruit 2 years ago over Memorial Day weekend with snow & freeze. I don’t feel comfortable putting delicate things out until mid-June.

    I don’t do flowers much , except the bulbs that come up themselves in the spring. Oh, & the roses that don’t need a lot of care.

    I think i’ll get the hang of veggie gardening before i go to do flowers. 🙂


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