Children or Not, We Are Mothers

holiday card

To ALL Women

I had good friends in Florida, Terry and Bill, who wanted children and I know how they suffered because they just couldn’t seem to get pregnant. It is an all consuming thing and daily they were reminded of what they didn’t have, when seeing us -their friends with kids.

I dislike holidays of any kind and that includes Mother’s Day. I no longer have a mother. She began showing signs of Alzheimers at age 67 and 10 years later she died, in 2008. But that is not why I don’t like celebrating a special day that seems to label us. It’s because of the people like Terry who seem to be “left out”.

So I want to say happy Mother’s Day to every woman. Don’t let this day put a label on you as “childless” when being motherly is what it should be about.

We are born with mothering instincts and just by suffering for 9 months and then 2 days of labor, is not the only thing that makes us motherly. (I don’t even want to hear it if your labor was 15 minutes long).

I am a great “mother” to my cats who I feed and take good care of. I was a great “mother” to my old dog who lived to be 16 and became more and more of a challenge each day. I have sacrificed all my life to make other people’s lives easier – no one took care of that dog, but me. And it’s just part of us, to step in and do the things that men wouldn’t do. We make the sacrifices and have the compassion and endurance needed to make life nice for those around us. That is what makes great “mothers”.

Many men marry women who are motherly, because they want to continue all their lives to be “mothered” – loved unconditionally, catered to, and treated special. And we do it! Because the motherly way is just part of us.

My friends ended up adopting a beautiful baby girl they named “Hope”. And a few months later – Terry became pregnant !!! and they had a little boy who looks just like his dad.

If we have to celebrate another holiday, then I say….Happy Mother’s Day to ALL women.

One thought on “Children or Not, We Are Mothers

  1. Kathryn

    Thank you. 🙂

    We don’t celebrate “Hallmark” holidays (like Valentine’s) but somehow this one is difficult – & it seems heartless not to send cards to our mothers. This is one holiday i could sure do without, however.

    Blessings on your week.


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