Simple Dessert For Kids

I have fallen in love with this “recipe” for easy Cookie Pie. My 12 year old loves it and I love to make it for him because it takes about 5 minutes to throw together – no baking, very little clean up.  Kids could very easily make this by themselves.

I don’t eat it, but he and his friends gobble it down!

Cookie Pie

"Cookie Pie"

    graham cracker crust
    one package of chocolate chip cookies
    one tub of cool whip (I buy the medium size one)
    a little milk

Dip each cookie in milk and make a layer of cookies in the crust.
Plop a layer of cool whip on top.
Repeat with a layer of cookies (dipped in milk) and more cool whip.
Make 3 layers and end with cool whip and crumble a cookie on top.
Put in the fridge – or eat right away.

Yuk… I mean … YUM!

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