My Seashell Collection

Do you ever come across an old post that is just awful? Well that is what this one was. So now it’s updated, with a link that works. It’s still not a great read, but it’s better.

My original post idea was to share some pictures of my seashells, but this one photo covers it pretty much. I gathered as many interesting shells from my Florida shell collection as I could and took a picture.

If I could still find this image on my computer I would put a big watermark over it, but since I can’t, please don’t steal this image and use it for yourself.

If winter has you down, close your eyes and imagine that you have just filled your bucket with some wonderful sea life specimens.

Are you seashell knowledgable?  Can you spot the sea biscuit, sea urchin, sundial, cowry, lighting whelk, and kitten’s paw?  If you found a rare seashell, would you know it?  Maybe you need a seashell identification lesson.  I write about seashells (and other tropical subjects) on my Seashells by Millhill blog.

Sea shells

For those who don’t know, I lived in central Florida from 1979 to 2005. Over the years I traveled to Sanibel Island and Fort Myers a couple of times (wish it could have been more) and went to New Smyrna beach hundreds (?) of times – it was only a 30 minute drive.

The kids and I collected numerous shells and I brought the collection back to New England when I moved here.  I’ve been photographing them for a couple of years now for my Seashells by Millhill online store.

One thought on “My Seashell Collection

  1. Kathryn

    I love sea shells! Have a jar of them for display. I’ve many of those in your picture. I wish i could say i collected them all myself (well, i did, but with $$ not on the shore). I don’t find CA beaches the best place to find shells.


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