The New Cats – One Week Later

As I watched the Patriots game on Sunday, I realized that I had missed last weeks game because I was getting lost in Manchester trying to find the Animal Shelter. So I said to the kids, “Hey we have had the cats for a week now!” 

And I realized that they have really adjusted well to their new home and Richie (with the white face) seems to appreciate it the most.
He is such an outgoing cat. He wants to be in the center of everything – in fact, just a minute ago he was on my computer keyboard – he just jumps up onto the table and has to be in my face!
He is much better about getting on the counter and table, since we are teaching him “No”! I don’t mind the cats on my furniture or beds, but not on the kitchen counters and table.  He has strange curly hair on his neck and belly which always looks matted  although we brush him.  That and his odd face markings give him a wild look.

Fontana is quite the opposite. Quite skittish and wary, but still lovable. She is small with lots of pretty long fur and is not completely black.  She has white markings and grayish hair underneath.   She likes to hide, especially if someone new comes in the house.

But both of them love to sit on the wide ledge of the front window and watch the birds come to the little feeder. They will sit there (or sleep there) for hours and pounce at the glass.
The best thing is that they like each other and have started to “play” occasionally. Richie is around 1½ and Fontana is 2. But all the cats at that particular shelter are strays so I assume no one really knows their ages.

Cats at the window

The Perfect Cat Bed

black cat

Fontana Playing

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