Just When You Get Depressed

You check on your blog and some lovely person – a stranger- has left a bunch of wonderful comments.  This is how God throws little blessings our way.

Today I have been trying to work on a new store I decided to open at Zazzle. It will be my 6th store there and I’ve only just lately been able to wrap my mind around some new fangled ways of creating items (everyone else has known these ‘secrets’ forever it seems) so I wanted to make Blue Hydrangea cards and stamps and hopefully have some additional income from it – eventually.

I worked yesterday on the uploads and started uploading the photos and graphics to the zazzle store and then…..No more zazzle! They went off line. Bummer.

So I checked my mail and found a message sent out from my old (old as in old friend! ha) Pastor in Florida about the upcoming message for Sunday. And I got sad thinking that I would miss it. I pictured all my friends sitting in church listening to a wonderful message and singing those songs I haven’t heard in almost 5 years. I saw that there would be a potluck dinner and an outreach to the homeless and I wanted to call and say I’d be there to help. But I am 1,500 miles away – or something like that.

I moved on in my e-mail and saw that a new person was following me on Twitter and this time it wasn’t some naked sleezy woman! (Don’t you hate those follows?) It was a person who’s blog I had seen a while back. I remembered the name – Red Pine Mountain – so pretty. She has great photos and stories too, but the nicest thing was that she left me a bunch of nice messages about my photos and blog here.

I don’t read too many blogs and I have to skip the “happy home and family” “wonderful life” ones for reasons I won’t bore you with, but I love photos and sometimes I just look at them…and dream. I think that Red Pine Mountain will give me some good dreams and I am grateful for her visit.

One thought on “Just When You Get Depressed

  1. Thomas

    I love the new look of your blog! Very neat and clean. Thanks for sharing this post – I don’t read a ton of blogs myself and sometimes when I’ve had a really rough day at the office, I just like to stare at other people’s beautiful pictures and imagine that I’m living a simple life that resembles an Anne of Green Gables story. 🙂 It’s good that you dream! I do!


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