Foliage Update From New Hampshire

I was just updating my Squidoo lens on New England Foliage and realized that the season is almost over…Already!  Wow, it seemed to fly by this year.

For 2 years now we have had gorgeous color and if not for the horrific ice storm that hit us last December, I bet the color would have been even better. Many of the trees have been broken or uprooted and my photos were taken of different views this year.

I took the dog up the road for a walk two nights ago and the sun was just going down over the hill. It was hitting the yellow leaves just right and looked like a spotlight – of course I didn’t have my camera!! And I knew it wouldn’t last long enough for me to run (I don’t run fast) home and grab it…so I just stood and enjoyed it.

My plan was to go back up the next night and capture a replay of that moment, but it rained and the wind blew…and today when I walked up the hill I realized that I wouldn’t get that moment back. Almost all the yellow leaves have been blown away. My next chance for that photo won’t be for another year.

Time passes quickly – and in my opinion, never so quickly as in the Fall.

I got my photos. Maybe not as many as I would have liked, and I may still get some good ones, but in my area the leaves are fading away by mid-month usually and today is the 9th.

If you are planning to visit the northeast to see the color, you’d better hurry.

*Check the link on my site which has an interactive foliage map which is updated by folks who live in the New England states.

New England Foliage Postage stamp

One thought on “Foliage Update From New Hampshire

  1. MountainWoman

    I’ve had moments where I’ve forgotten the camera and I’ll never get the moment back so I can understand. It did seem as though the foliage went very quickly (and early) this year and then with the early snow the rest of the leaves just fell. But while it was here, it was glorious.


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