Blue Hydrangeas in Bloom

I just visited Flandrum Hill’s blog and she has some gorgeous photos of the flowers blooming in her yard in Nova Scotia and she inspired me to post these flower photos from my own yard to my blog.

Blue Hydrangeas

Blue Hydrangeas

I don’t do anything special to make this Hydrangea blue, it grows that way. In fact the blooms lower to the ground on this plant seem to be the ones with a purple tint. The acidity of the soil can make a difference in the color, but some types just tend to be one color or another and can’t be changed.

Vintage Pink

Vintage Pink

We’ve had such drama this year with all the baby birds in our yard. This poor Robin has had her nest invaded by red squirrels, eggs dumped by a wind storm and so on…She did finally have success as we watched her sit in a nest with a bunch of young ones. They are gone now, so I assume all went well. This one (the dad, I think) was in just the right spot to be part of my Hydrangea photo.

A Robin watches me take his photo!

A Robin watches me take his photo!

I use my Hydrangea photos for making postcards, stamps and other products and selling them at my on-line store, BlueHyd. I never tire of taking floral shots. I love preserving the beauty of a quickly fading bloom.

6 thoughts on “Blue Hydrangeas in Bloom

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  2. flandrumhill

    Your hydrangeas are breathtakingly gorgeous. I don’t know which I like best, both the blue and the vintage pink look dazzling compared to my off-white ones.

    I have heard that soil acidity affects the color of rhododendrons but had never heard of its link to hydrangea color before.

    My mom always dried her hydrangeas and had them in a vase in the dining room throughout the winter months. Your preservation method seems less dusty 😉


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