Bears and Chickens

baby chick


It’s June and yesterday a black bear was spotted twice in my neighborhood. I first saw him at the top of the hill just standing looking at me for a moment before he crossed the road and continued on his way. Then my neighbors saw a black bear- possibly the same one- in their driveway. They have chickens which is a big draw for the bears. They even have put up an electric fence to keep them out of the coop.

Roasting hens

Roasting hens

This year my neighbors have acquired more birds. They have baby “roasting hens” and baby turkeys (which I couldn’t get a good pic of because they were crazy!) and they have recently put them outside in pens. I think the bear got a whiff of them and decided to get himself a nice meal.

Chicken Little

Chicken Little

Can’t wait to have some of your fresh eggs little guy!  I mean girl.

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